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‘Aruvi’ may become hit with strong word of mouth

SNS | New Delhi |

Tamil film, Aruvi, starring Aditi Balan and Anjali Vardhan, just might become a sleeper hit after average business because of its strong word of mouth publicity.

The film, which was released on 15 December, has been receiving critical acclaim ever since the release. The critics has regarded the socio-political drama as a must watch for cine-goers. Not only the critics but the fans as well has welcomed the film with open arms and have been vocal about the film giving appreciation to the director and the lead actors for a stellar act.

The film has so far done a decent performance at the box office, but if the film continues to run at the big screen and with positive feedback, it just might become a sleeper hit.

Directed by Arun Prabu. Aruvi was released on December 15.