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Aamir Khan: Bringing surrogacy to the spotlight

Statesman News Service |

It&’s no secret that Aamir Khan&’s son Azad was born through surrogacy.

Recently, when asked if the actor would back a film made to highlight the process of IVF or in-vitro-fertilization procedure, Aamir responded promptly, “Certainly, why not? If a nice story comes out, you can certainly make a film on it.”

“It will depend on the script. I don’t have any fixed opinion of what kind of film I should make,” he added.

Not shying away from the stigma, Aamir also went on to say that every person has difficulties and weaknesses and should not run away from them.

“Today so many things are possible medically, which were not possible earlier. Personally, I can say that the happiness Kiran and I have got, was invaluable,” the actor said.

Aamir&’s third child and his first child with his second wife Kiran Rao was born in 2011. However, the two didn’t seem to have any second thoughts before going through with the process.

“No, there was no such hurdle. Kiran and I both wanted to have a child. So when Azad was born, both of us were very happy and wanted to present the news well to people, and people should be aware of it,” he divulged.

Rumour mills are also rife with news that the 50-year-old will share screen space with megastar Amitabh Bachchan in Thug.

When asked if the reports were true, Aamir said, “It&’s too early to talk about that, so we’ll see. Mr. Bachchan is someone I’m such a huge fan of. I grew up watching his films, I just love him and respect him in every way.”

He then added, "I’ve learned so much from him. If I get the opportunity to work with him, that will be my dream come true. So I hope it happens. But when it does happen, we will definitely tell you.”

Meanwhile, Aamir&’s Dangal will treat audience this Christmas with a December 23 release.