Actress Soha Ali Khan, who is all set for the release of her long-delayed film 31st October, says it is not made to deliver justice.

Speaking at the trailer launch of the film, based on the assasination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and its aftermath, Soha said: "The film is not made to deliver justice. Everybody knows that justice delayed is justice denied. We made a film to share a story of a Sikh family, which is set against that 1984 backdrop."

Further clarifying her statement, the actress stated: "The legal system is complicated and we are not lawyers or judges. We are artists and we made a film. Therefore, it’s not about getting justice, it’s about providing a film which we see more of as an edge of a thriller. It’s not political or pushing an agenda. It certainly hopes not to be preachy in that way."

The makers reveal that they had to go through several hardships and the film faced objections because of the backdrop of the anti-Sikh riots in the country after Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

However, Soha says that "people get offended even before they watch the film."

"Giving opinion is essential but at the end we also want peace," she said.

Soha, who has earlier worked in films like Rang De Basanti and Mumbai Meri Jaan, said that although people think of her as a Bengali face, she looked apt for her role of a Sikh woman in 31st October.

Asked how different her character is in this film, Soha said: "Totally different."

Directed by National Award recipient Shivaji Lotan Patil, 31st October is set to release on October 7.