Exuding confidence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed a wave in the favour of the BJP in the first two phases. The ‘mahamilavat’ opposition parties have lost their sleep and are in search of fresh false charges against me, he said.

It is not just a wave, it is a challenge to the opposition; “Lear nahin ye lalkar hai, phir ek bar Modi sarkar hai,” he said, adding the response from people across the country has been overwhelming and better than 2014.

Addressing election campaign meetings at Kendrapara and Balasore, he said (without naming Rahul Gandhi), “Those who had levelled false allegation of corruption against me are themselves in the dock today.”

Not a single scam has occurred over the last five years, he said while exhorting people to strengthen the “chowkidar”.

Posing the rhetorical question – do you want a strong government, one which is not afraid of taking on terrorists in Pakistan, storming their camps? Who among the leaders in the country can do it? The response from the crowd was “ Modi, Modi”.

At Balasore, the PM went further on his national security-related “bold decisions” and said missiles that are made here in Balasore were able to prove India’s capability in the space by striking down satellites in three minutes.

The entire nation was proud of the achievement, Balasore was proud as India became the fourth nation to have such capability. India is a superpower in air, water, land and space, he said.

But those in the mahamilavat (opposition) did not feel so, they grumbled, “It should have been kept a secret. Why?”He asked before noting “we didn’t steal it.”

Congress was more concerned about the security and safety of one family and not the nation, he charged.

They (opposition) have one agenda, remove Modi and occupy power, they do not think of the nation and its development, said the PM before listing out the pro-poor, pro-women and other schemes of his government.

He also spoke of his vision of New India, blue economy, and gas based economy.

The PM referred to the schemes meant for the farmers (PM Kisan and pension to farmers above 60 years) and fishermen (proposed new ministry for them).

Coastal area development, tourism and women empowerment by way of swachha bharat (toilets), capital punishment to those who rape minor girls were other aspects touched upon by the PM.

He lambasted the Naveen Patnaik government and called upon people to ensure a “double engine” BJP government both at the centre and state.