Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assets rose by over 50 per cent in the last 45 years, his affidavit filed on Friday in Varanasi revealed.

In the affidavit, the PM stated that his total assets, include both moveable and immovable, are worth Rs 2.51 crore. In 2014, he declared total assets were Rs 1.65 crore.

While his movable assets were valued at Rs 1.41 crore, the immovable assets were worth at Rs 1.1 crore.

In 2014, the PM had movable assets worth Rs 65,91,582. Thus the percentage rise in his moveable assets has been 114.15 per cent.

He owns four gold rings valued at Rs 1.13 lakh, which is part of his movable assets. His insurance and NSC were valued at Rs 9.51 lakh.

The PM declared that the total market value of his immovable assets stands at Rs 1,10,00,000 (Rs 1.10 crore) approximately. In 2014, his immovable assets were worth Rs 1 crore. Thus there has been an increase of only Rs 10 lakh in the immovable assets.

Among his immovable assets is his house in Sector 1 Gandhinagar. The PM has one-fourth ownership of the house. He does not own any land or commercial buildings.

The PM also declared that he had Rs 38,750 as cash in hand as on March 31, 2019.

The primary sources of Modi’s income are salary from the government and interest received from the banks.

In the last five financial years, Modi had declared his annual income as Rs 19.92 lakh (2018), Rs 14.59 lakh (2017), Rs 19.23 lakh (2016), Rs 8.58 lakh (2015) and Rs 9.69 lakh (2014).

As per the affidavit, the Prime Minister does not have any liabilities. He also does not have any criminal charges against him.

According to reports the PM declared that the PMO owes his Rs 1.40 lakh and he has to collect Rs 85,145 from I-T Department and SBI against TDS (tax deductible at source) for his earnings in FY19.

The affidavit also reveals that he holds a Master of Arts degree from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

In his declaration on 5 April, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi gave details of assets worth Rs 15.88 crore. His assets in 2014 were Rs 9.4 crore. He also showed liabilities of around Rs 72 lakh.