A video reportedly shot on Friday evening shows Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal take a dig at Manoj Tiwari, the Delhi President of the BJP.

“Manoj Tiwari naachta bahaut acha hai, Pandey ji (AAP’s North-East Delhi candidate Dilip Pandey) ko naachna nahi aata, kaam karna aata hai, is baar kaam karne wale ko vote dena, naachne wale ko vote mat dena (Manoj Tiwari dances very well, while Pandey ji [AAP’s North-East Delhi candidate Dilip Pandey] does not know how to dance but he knows how to work. You must vote for the one who works, not to the one who dances),” Kejriwal could be heard saying in what appears to be during a campaign meeting for Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP’s) Lok Sabha candidate from North-East Delhi seat, Dilip Pandey.

Hitting back at the Delhi chief minister, Tiwari, on Saturday said that by abusing him the Delhi CM has directly insulted the people of Purvanchal and that the voters will show him (Kejriwal) the consequences of the remark.

Prior to joining politics, Manoj Tiwari had appeared in several Bhojpuri movies. He was a participant in the reality TV show Bigg Boss (Season 4) in 2010 hosted by film actor Salman Khan.