Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) national secretary Anil Jain on Saturday said the Opposition was repeatedly shouting Modi Hatao (remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi) since it had no issue during their campaigning for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to reporters after the filing of nomination papers for the BJP candidate from Hisar Lok Sabha Brijendra Singh, Jain said four Prime Ministers of Congress – Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, all three of one family, and Manmohan Singh, kept on repeating the slogan of Garibi Hatao for about 50 years without achieving any results.

He said that now Rahul Gandhi, the fourth generation member of the Gandhi family, had once again given the Garibi Hatao slogan for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Various Prime Ministers of the Congress ended their five-year terms in formulating schemes for removal of poverty but there were no concrete programmes for the implementation at the ground level, he said.

Jain said, on the other hand, BJP was saying Garibi Hatao (remove poverty), increase the security of the nation, eliminate terrorism, casteism, nepotism and dirt. The issues before BJP and its intention are clear. He targeted the Congress saying there was an atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty in the grand old opposition party which is also in a state of confusion.

Jain said that though the process of filing of nominations for the 12 May Lok Sabha elections is currently on, the Congress has not been able to announce all the 10 candidates because no one is ready to contest on their behalf.

Due to the uncertainty and lack of confidence in Congress cadres, the Opposition party is repeatedly misguiding the people who understand everything and avoiding the Congress flag, Jain added. He said the electorate of the country has made up their mind to hand over power for the second term at the Centre to the BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Jain said that for the first time in the country a strong government was formed five years back under Narendra Modi which chalked out plans for poverty alleviation and the results were positive. He said voters have to decide whether they want a decisive and a strong government at the Centre like the one of the BJP or a directionless government to be arrived at after combing politicians of divergent views.

Jain, who is a Rajya Sabha member and is also in-charge of Haryana BJP, was interacting with the media after the filing of nomination papers for the Hissar Lok Sabha seat by bureaucrat turned politician Brijendra Singh.

Brijendra Singh’s father, Union Steel Minister Birendar Singh, MP DP Vats and Haryana BJP President Subhash Barala were also present. Brijendra was a senior IAS officer of Haryana cadre who recently took voluntary retirement to contest from Hissar.