Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, on Monday, rubbished the predictions of the exit polls that were declared on Sunday shortly after the conclusion of the General Elections for the 17th Lok Sabha.

Kumaraswamy has alleged that the figures of the exit polls have been made up to create a false impression in the favour of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA. Dismissing the projections, the Karnataka chief minister said that these were being used to create a false impression that the BJP, under PM Modi, will sweep a major chunk of seats. He said that the numbers were designed to make it look like there is a Modi wave across the country.

Most exit polls, conducted by different organizations, have given the BJP-led NDA a full majority with some of them projecting that the BJP-led NDA would get over 300 seats to comfortably cross the majority mark of 272 in the 17th Lok Sabha.

Kumaraswamy expressed his vexation in a series of tweets.

“Entire Opposition political parties had expressed concern over credibility of EVMs under PM @narendramodi’s rule. Opposition parties even knocked the doors of the Supre Court asking for a traditional ballet paper elections to avoid defective EVMs that are vulnerable to fraud.

“World wide, even developed countries have opted for traditional polls through paper ballets. The exit poll surveys on May 19 only reiterated the serious concern of the Opposition parties on misuse of vulnerabke EVMs for electoral gains by the ruling party.

“Exit polls are being used to create an impression that there is still a Modi wave in the country. This artificially engineered  or manufacutred Modi wave is being used by the BJP to lure regional parties well in advance to fill any shortfall after the results on May 23.

“The entire exit poll exercise was an effort to create false impression of a wave in favour of one particular leader and the party. As they say, it is just an exit poll, not exact poll.”

Kumaraswamy also joined the opposition parties on the issue of the credibility of the electronic voting machines (EVMs).

In Karnataka, most exit polls have predicted that the BJP would win more seats (18-23) than the ruling Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) and Congress combine, which fielded joint candidates in all the 28 parliamentary constituencies. The Congress contested 21 and the JD-S 7 seats as part of a pre-poll seat-sharing arrangement.

The results of the elections will be declared on May 23.