The Election Commission maintained silence on why the EC order on MCC violations, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been given a clean chit, has not been made public like other orders on MCC violations.

Of the 11 complaints filed against Modi for poll violations, EC has given a clean chit to the PM in six cases. However, none of the orders has been published on the poll panel’s website, which is normally done in other cases.

“There were 11 cases, six have been disposed off. The Supreme Court had given us time till Monday to reply. The reply has been filed and the next scheduled hearing is on Wednesday. We will not comment on it as the matter is sub judice,” said the Deputy Election Commissioner Saxena.

On the note of dissent by one member of the Commission while disposing off complaints against Modi, the EC said, “It is the internal matter of the Commission. There may be some difference of opinion in some cases, but EC takes the decision by majority… rest is our internal matter… and I am not authorised to comment upon it,” he added.