Another instance highlighting the haughtiness of political leaders and ministers has surfaced yet again, this time from Gujarat where the state water supply minister Kunvarji Bavaliya, on Saturday, asked a group of women who had approached him to complain about the shortage of drinking water in their village if all of them voted for him.

The incident took place in Kanesara Village of Rajkot district where the protesting women told the minister that they were not getting the supply of water which the government was supposed to supply to their village.

In response to their complaint, Bavaliya said, “Despite my request in last election, you gave me 55% votes. I have the entire water resources ministry, I am in the government, and if required, I can sanction crores of rupees to arrange water supply to the village.

“When I contested the election this time, I got only 55 per cent votes. Why didn’t you all come together to vote for me?”

To add to Bavaliya’s comment, former BJP MLA Bharat Boghara told the women that since they have given 55 per cent votes to Bavaliya they are getting water according to that only.

Bavaliya was campaigning for a BJP candidate at Kanesara village when the women approached him with their water related grievance.

However, Bavaliya defended his remarks saying the protesters were “uneducated women” and local politics prompted them to ask the question.

(With PTI inputs)