Dear parents, here we share with you a few games that not only provide entertainment to your kids but also help them in learning. These platforms have adapted to the new trend and are providing gamified learning solutions to students to grab more with ease:


MindZu is a gamified maths learning app to help 9th-grade students to become better at the subject. It delivers a personalised maths learning experience for the smartphone generation. Brought by edtech startup Angaza Ltd, MindZu has been designed for self-study. This mobile app provides quality education experience via animated lessons. The app aims to address 9th grade academic needs of CBSE school students.


It is one of the most popular English language learning apps, especially for beginners. Duolingo lessons adapt to the users’ learning style. Exercises are tailored to help the users learn and review vocabulary effectively.


PlayAblo is a gamified learning and assessment platform for English Grammar, Communicative English and Mathematics. It is designed by experts from the fields of learning, education, design and technology.


Kahoot helps with unlocking the potentials of learners of all ages by making learning fun through games.