The involvement of technology in education, which was once thought of as optional and luxurious has become the new normal. As schools continue to remain shut for safety reasons, technology has become the backbone education is standing on these days.

However, everyone is aware of the undeniable digital divide in India. Students enrolled in low-fee private and government schools are unable to access education because they don’t have enough resources for live classes on expensive EdTech platforms.

Students partaking online classes mention the problems they face due to internet issues as several sections of the live class are missed and there is hardly any time for doubt clearance in 2-3 hour-long sessions.

Looking out for these students, the Rajasthan government has partnered with ConveGenius under the ‘Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein’ program to provide practical EdTech solutions that can be accessed through an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot.

The EdTech model is implemented through formative assessments, individual feedback, and content recommendations for personalized learning of students; following the syllabus taught in schools. The AI-based chatbot uses interactive, child-friendly, and asynchronous learning methods that can benefit anyone with a smartphone of any range with internet quality of 2G/ 3G.

It has allowed multiple students to access the foundational learning curriculum for subjects like Math, Hindi, English, and Science through a single smartphone. The tech stack individually stores the learning data of each student which is extracted through weekly assessments taken by the students. These assessments identify students’ performance and their weak points to provide targeted content and recorded classes that reduce their doubts and support remedial learning.

The EdTech model was launched on 19 September in all 33 districts of the state with the support of CSR partners like Aavas Financiers Ltd.