It has been observed that most students are averse to Maths, or find the subject boring, difficult, or even scary. The basic reason behind it is that the fundamentals are not clear in the minds of students and thus the problem aggravates.

With the advancement of science and technology, many activities have now taken the online route and learning Maths is one of them, making it learning much easier, interesting, and personalized too.

Here are a few platforms that help students with Maths:


MindZu is a gamified Maths learning app to help 9th-grade students with the subject. It delivers a personalised Maths learning experience for the smartphone generation. MindZu has been designed for self-study. The mobile app provides a high-quality education experience via animated lessons, each with layers of interactive exercises and motivating game missions which bring learning to life. The app aims to address the 9th-grade academic need of CBSE school students.


Zapzapmath is a new, gamified way to excel in maths. It is a new and fun method that helps students.


Step by step breakdown of the solution of a math problem, either handwritten or typed, shared through a snap with the app can now be delivered in a matter of seconds. With camera calculator, PhotoMath is really cool.

Math Bakery

This app contains well-crafted series of mini-games. Together they provide support and practise for children to learn early skills in addition and subtraction that are well matched with the curriculum.