Uttar Pradesh Police received some flak from public after a video went viral on Sunday where some policemen in Meerut city could be seen overturning vegetable carts in a narrow alley, leading to the senior officials taking note of the incident and have ordered a probe.

The viral video shot on mobile phone shows a big group of policemen led by a senior policeman and a contingent in riot gears and as they march in the street , the head of the group gestures them and they overturn the vegetable carts parked on the sides of the empty lane.

“This is from an area close to a COVID-19 hotspot… I have asked a senior police officer in the area to carry out a formal inquiry. Many aspects to this video have emerged and I have asked that all these be taken into consideration in the probe,” senior police officer Dr Akhilesh Narayan Singh was quoted by NDTV as saying.

This video has not gone down well with the local politicians as well. “It has been close to two months. There is no food and there is no work and yet, everyone seems to be getting lathis. I appeal to the administration to carry out an impartial inquiry… How will food and essentials reach anyone if the police acts this way?”Haji Rafiq Ansari, the Samajwadi Party MLA of the area where the incident took place was quoted by NDTV as saying.

With 245 cases of Coronavirus in Meerut, the city is among the eight most affected districts across the state.  On Sunday the city reported 15 new cases of COVID-19 and one death. The city administration is under pressure due to the rising number of cases. The total number of fatalities has reached 14.

While in Uttar Pradesh the total number of coronavirus cases have crossed past 3467 count and 74 people have died in the state so far due to the pandemic.