Rajasthan government has provided a special arrangement for the immersion of mortal remains of those who died in the state during the lockdown, chief minister Ashok Gehlot said.

In a high-level meeting on Friday night held to review the situation in the state due to lockdown, CM Gehlot said that many families could not immerse the mortal remains of their family member who passed away during the lockdown.

Hence we have decided to run buses free of cost to ensure they can immerse the mortal remains of their deceased members in Uttarakhand.

Rajasthan CM further told that the government has also permitted the plying of these buses into its states.

Around two or three family members can travel in these buses free of cost, said, officials.

In Hindu religion, it is a tradition to immerse the mortal remains of the deceased in holy Ganga river for salvation.

Due to the nationwide lockdown imposed sing March 24, and extended in four phases till May 31, the government has allowed only 20 people to attend funerals that also while maintaining social distancing.

But there were concerns about the immersion of remains of such deceased as it could be done only in river Ganga.