In order to meet the operational requirements of northern and eastern borders during the lockdown, the Indian Army will run two special trains.

As per the reports, both the trains will start from Bengaluru on April 17 and April 18.

The first train to start on April 17 will reach Jammu via Ambala while the second train will start on April 18 for Guwahati.

With the movements of these trains, there will be a significant decongestion of category A and B training establishments at Bengaluru, Belgaum, Secunderabad and Gopalpur. The movement of troops will also assist in operational preparedness of active formations deployed in the borders.

It was further reported that the Indian Army coordinating with the Ministry of Railways for planning additional trains in the coming weeks.

Only the persons due to rejoin units deployed in northern and eastern borders and who have undergone mandatory quarantine period and found medically fit will be accommodated.

In view of the deadly coronavirus, all the passenger trains are suspended till May 3. Only goods trains are allowed to move in order to supply the essentials to different parts of the country.