In a significant move, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed and produced by Indian Navy has been tested by INMAS, Delhi and approved for mass production and use in clinical situations.

INAMS (Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences) is a DRDO organisation tasked with the testing and certification of PPE.

The shortage of PPE was so much in news and the development will help a lot to tackle the issue. The shortage of PPEs imperils the well-being and availability of the Healthcare Workforce, apart from adversely impacting their security and morale.

“The Indian Navy has risen to this challenge of making available this critical resource in the fight against COVID. A team formed by the Innovation Cell, Institute of Naval Medicine, Mumbai and the Naval Dockyard Mumbai collaborated to design and produce PPE. The PPE has been tested by INMAS (Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences) Delhi, a DRDO organization tasked with the testing and certification of PPE,” Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

The PPE passed with 6/6 Synthetic blood penetration resistance test pressure. (GoI mandate minimum 3/6 and above level as per ISO 16603 standard) and is thus certified to be mass-produced and used in clinical COVID situations, it added.

“The outstanding features of the PPE are its simple, innovative and cost-effective design; thus it can be made by basic gown manufacturing facilities. The PPE is noteworthy for the innovative choice of fabric used, which gives the PPE its ‘breathability’ and penetration resistance rendering it both comfortable and safe for the user,” it said.

The cost for this PPE is significantly lower than those commercially available.