The Ministry of Health on Sunday has released a containment plan for the large outbreaks of COVID-19 including sealing off areas for nearly a month. The plan came after the cases shoot up rapidly in different states.

Some of the strict steps mentioned in the 20-page document released by the ministry include sealing of containment areas and stopping the movement of people in and out of these affected areas. All the suspected, as well as confirmed coronavirus cases, will be hospitalised and kept in isolation hospitals dedicated to fighting the deadly virus.

The document released by the ministry further said only if two samples test negative for coronavirus, then only the patients will be discharged. Those having mild symptoms will be quarantined in stadiums while those with moderate symptoms will be admitted to hospitals meant for COVID-19 care. Those with severe symptoms will be sent to tertiary or advanced hospitals.

All the schools, colleges and offices will be closed in the containment and buffer zones and there will be no movement of public and private transport in these areas. Only essential services will be allowed to move.

As per the document released, the containment plan will be eased if no COVID-19 cases are reported from the quarantine zone for at least four weeks after the last confirmed case.

The Health Ministry document says the geographic distribution of COVID-19 mimics the distribution of H1N1 pandemic influenza, which suggests that while the spread of COVID-19 in the population could be high, it’s unlikely that it will uniformly affect all parts of the country.

“This calls for a differential approach to different regions of the country while mounting a strong containment effort in hotspots,” the document says.

As of now, India has recorded 79 deaths due to COVID-19. 472 new cases were reported in last 24 hours itself taking the total number of affected cases to 3,374.