Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with his Deputy Manish Sisodia has conducted an online talk show ‘Parenting in the time of Coronavirus’ on Saturday.

“It’s really difficult to spend time with your kids in day to day life, you cannot give them enough time. This lockdown can bring the parents and kids close to each other,” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said.

“Try to engage with your children, talk to them, try to understand their world,” he added.

“The challenge is not to let the fear take over children’s mind. To cut down the negativity caused by corona related news, take a break from social media. Create a positive environment in your house. Play games, listen to music,” Kejriwal said.

He further suggested parents to allow the children to express themselves and should make sure that they do not share such information with their child which might instil fear in them.

He also urged them to feed those who are hungry in their neighbourhood.

Deputy Chief Minister and Delhi Education Minister urged the parents to convert this time into an opportunity.

“This is a good time to engage with your children and develop understanding,” he said.

He further told the exams remaining for class 9th and class 11th was cancelled due to lockdown. Such students will be promoted according to the results of the exams in which they had appeared in and their internal assessment.

Such students will not be required to give the remaining exams, he told.

Arvind Kejriwal further replied to the queries of students and parents through separate tweets as well.