Consumers in China’s Shenzhen on Thursday have been urged to exercise caution while buying imported frozen food as a sample of chicken wings from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus.

The chicken sample has been taken from the surface of the meat while the previously reported positive cases were taken from other Chinese cities were from surface of packaging on imported frozen seafood.

According to the reports, a registration number given in the statement suggests that the chicken came from an Aurora Alimentos plant in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

Virus tests of people who have possibly come into contact with the product, and tests of related products, all came back negative, the statement said.

Consumers should be cautious when buying imported frozen foods and aquatic products, the government added.

On Tuesday, the Chinese government in its Weibo account had informed that three packaging samples of imported frozen seafood tested positive for Covid-19 in Yantai, a northern city of China’s Shandong province.

Later on Wednesday, State television reported that the outside of an Ecuador frozen shrimp package tested positive for the virus in a restaurant in Wuhu, a city in China’s Anhui province.