An attendee of Tablighi Jamaat meeting, which was held in Delhi last month, who was later found positive of Coronavirus escaped from a hospital on Tuesday.

The 65-year-old Safid Miyan was undergoing treatment at the primary health centre in Khekhra. Miyan was a native of Sursuri in Nepal and came to attend the religious gathering.

On Tuesday, he escaped from the hospital after breaking the glass panel and cutting the wire mesh of the window. He then used clothes to form a rope and scale down the building.

Miyan was a part of the group consisting of seven people from Nepal who came to attend the Delhi’s Tablighi Jamaat religious gathering.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Baghpat has now issued an appeal with a photograph of Safid Miyan, asking people to inform the police if he is seen anywhere.

The appeal said the infection can be spread to other peoples if he moves around without getting the proper treatment.

The police have also initiated a hunt for him.

The positive cases of COVID-19 in Uttar Pradesh have crossed the 300 mark. Authorities said the surge in the cases is due to the attendees of the Tablighi Jamaat religious gathering that took place in Delhi’s Nizamuddin last month.