Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday advised citizens to strictly follow the lockdown and warned them of the dangers if violated. During his address through the video conferencing, he narrated the story of a family where 26 people of a family were found infected with COVID-19.

“In Jahangirpuri, 26 people of the same family tested positive. They lived next to each other and despite containment measures, they continued visiting each other. We are worried for you,” Arvind Kejriwal said in his video briefing.

He also told about his government’s move to transfer Rs 5,000 to the accounts of drivers who couldn’t earn due to the lockdown. He had told about the decision a few days back and in a briefing over the video, he sought bank details from those drivers.

“An auto driver called and thanked me for putting Rs 5,000 in his account. Don’t thank me. It is your money. We have started disbursing money since yesterday,” he said.

He further told that 60 sanitisation machines have been deployed in the national capital. “Do reach out to us for sanitization,” he urged.

As of now, Delhi has reported 1,707 positive cases and 42 deaths due to COVID-19.

Delhi CM showed concern over the rising cases and said, “Pray to God that the number of cases reduce in the coming days. There are now 71 containment zones in Delhi. The coronavirus doesn’t distinguish between the rich and poor or castes. Please do not disobey the lockdown advice.”

“People are still seen going out on the streets. If the centre has imposed a lockdown, people should know there is a strong reason behind it. It’s for their own good,” he said.

The cases of coronavirus in India have climbed sharply to 12289 with 2014 cured and 488 deaths.

Government has maintained that the doubling rate of coronavirus cases has decreased after the lockdown as earlier it was 3 days which is 6.2 days after the lockdown.

It claimed that the decline is the result of increased testing, including that of patients suffering from SARI (severe acute respiratory illness) and ILI (influenza-like illness).