A section of villagers of Nakadisaru submitted a memorandum to SP of Kandhamal district Mitrabhanu Mohapatra alleged that the Gochhapada police was not arresting culprits who had murdered a youth recently.

The deceased youth was missing since 11 December 2017 and his body was found hanging from a tree with injury marks. Investigating the case, Gochhapada police had converted the case from suicide to homicide.

No body was arrested in this connection though already more than nine weeks have been passed, said the villagers. The memorandum was submitted by the relatives and the members of women self-help group of the village.

They said that the deceased S Kanhar had been threatened by some people who wanted him to distance himself from a girl with whom he had fallen in love.

Relatives of the girl had even paraded the boy naked on an earlier occasion, alleged the memorandum. If police is unable to arrest the killer and the conspirators soon, we will be bound to take the law into our hands, warned, Ms. Minati Kheti of the women SHG.