Personnel of the Uttar Pradesh police saved three lives on Monday when they chased down a bike that had caught fire. The incident took place on the National Highway in Etawah.

Three persons were riding the bike when a bag attached to it caught fire on the highway. A UP Police patrol van noticed the fire when the bike crossed them.

The police car turned on its sirens and gave a chase to the bike. Once they reached near the bike, the policemen on duty managed to make the rider stop. The policemen then helped the riders douse the fire.

A major accident was averted as no occupant of the bike sustained any injury in the fire.

The UP police had shot a video of the incident, and it went viral soon after they posted it on Twitter. Users praised the UP cops for preventing a tragedy.

The UP Police chief also praised the cops and announced that they would be awarded with the DGP Commendation Disc. “The policemen have displayed exemplary professional commitment and outstanding conduct to avert a disaster. I announce my commendation disc to all the police personnel of UP100 PRV 1617,” he tweeted.