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Vijayvargiya slams Mamata, her govt

Statesman News Service | Balurghat |

On an election campaign in South Dinajpur, National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party and party observer for West Bengal, Kailash Vijayvargiya, on Wednesday slammed chief minister Mamata Banerjee for what he said was her “betraying nature” and her “inappropriate political policies.”

In his meeting at Kamarpara, Mr Vijayvargiya paid a visit to the district party office and asked his party workers to ensure maximum participation of people in the election.

“We have full confidence in the court. Election is a democratic process and people’s participation in this process should be our only motto. The government must ensure peaceful voting, which will not be possible by deploying civic volunteers. We know a majority of the civic volunteers are TMC carders and supporters.

Let’s see what the court says. BJP will follow the instructions of the court. Leaders of the Trinamul Congress know it well that if people cast their votes through a legitimate and democratic way, TMC will surely lose most of the districts. They are very tactfully trying to delay the process,” he claimed.

As he addressed around 2,000 party supporters, Mr Vijayvargiya came down heavily on Miss Banerjee and her political activities. “Mamata Banerjee has a record of betraying. She firstly betrayed her own party, Congress, and then with the assistance of the BJP she got the chair of the rail minister and then betrayed the BJP. She later did the same with Mukul Roy and Bharati Ghosh. She never trusts anybody and her brothers too don’t have faith on the people of West Bengal and thus they are trying to snatch people’s democratic rights,” he claimed.

“I have enough evidence against the ministers of the Trinamul Congress-led government of their involvement in corruption. The government should start developing infrastructure of correctional homes with Air Conditioning facility, because they will have to stay there a few months later,” he added.

Mr Vijayvargiya also raised the issue of cattle smuggling through the Bengal- Bangladesh border and accused Trinamul leaders of having direct relations with Bangladeshi smugglers and terrorists “who consider West Bengal as their aunt’s place where they can stay peacefully and safely.”

‘Election duty vote’ begins

Meanwhile, the South Dinajur district administration started the process of ‘election duty vote’ in eight blocks in the district on Wednesday. Though the process of voting for election workers has begun, the dates for the rural body elections are yet to be finalized.

On the first day on Wednesday, government staffers and other election workers cast their votes in their respective block offices. Poll personnel, police, drivers, helpers and civic volunteers will be casting their vote through a specified format, it is learnt.

According to administrative sources a total of 7200 polling personnel have been appointed to organise the rural body elections. “The number of drivers is not less than 1000 and the total number of civic volunteers in the district is more than 6000. On Wednesday till 7:30 pm, around 750 ED votes have been already cast. However, most of the blocks in the district have failed to prepare the final report,” said sources.