Thirty-five-year-old Rajni has broken social barriers and beaten the odds to become the sole woman e-rickshaw driver in the North Campus area.

With her head partially covered with a headscarf, Rajni trawls the lanes of Malka Ganj for passengers, competing with the male e-rickshaw drivers who dominate the streets.

She can be seen taking passengers from Malka Ganj to the Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station, covering a distance of 3 km, in many batches through the day.

Her husband is also an e-rickshaw driver and Rajni wanted to help with the household finances so that they could bring up their children more comfortably.

Rajni started driving the e-rickshaw a month ago when she noticed that her husband’s earnings were not enough for the family.

Apart from societal constraints, she admitted that the toughest part is dealing with the competition from male e-rickshaw drivers who fear that if she succeeds, more women will join in.

Rajni also has to take care of her children. After dropping them at school every morning she takes to the roads scouting for passengers.