The head master of the Siliguri-Haiderpara Buddha Bharati High School, Swapnendu Nandi, has come up with a novel idea to inspire both girls and boys studying in his school. Mr Nandi has explained to the girls of class 11 how they can be independent women in the near future and how they should continue their studies until graduation at least. The girls have also taken an oath not to get married until graduation and continue with their studies till then.

The school celebrated ‘Nabin Baran’ (freshers’ welcome ceremony), as it welcomed new students in class 11 today.

“As we welcomed the new comers, we made everyone, especially the girls, aware of the fact that they could be independent women in life if they choose to continue their education up to graduation at least,” school officials said.

The officials added that Mr Nandi keeps motivating the students to bring in more students to pursue higher education.

“The girl students of the school have vowed not to marry before their graduation, while the boys took oath that they will keep a safe distance from drugs or liquor for their better future,” the officials added. “It is a small initiative to encourage my students and to let them know that education is the ultimate thing in life. Without education, they will always have to face problems in life. Also, we are trying to stop marriage of girls at an early age. Earlier, I have seen many students dropping out to get married at a tender age,” said Mr Nandi.

Shivani Saha, a student of class 11, said they are happy with the initiative taken by the school. “It is such an inspiring and educational thing for us. We will stick to the decision, which we have taken today,” said Miss Saha, while her friend Gouri Majumder and Mili Roy echoed her.