In lack of electricity following a short-circuit, all services at the head post office in Kurseong in Darjeeling have been suspended since yesterday morning. It is learnt that there is no electricity at the ‘Mukhya Dak Ghar’ in Kurseong since yesterday morning after a short-circuit was reported there.

“All postal and banking work that used to be done at the Kurseong post office has been suspended due to lack of electricity,” post office officials said.

One Priya Rai, who visited the post office today to deposit cash in her savings account, said that she was there yesterday too, but failed to have her work done. “I don’t belong to Kurseong town and I have to travel all the way from my village to the town to deposit the cash,” she said today

Postmaster Ashok Dewan confirmed the situation and said that they do have a generator, but they are not able to use that too, given the short-circuit somewhere in the wiring.

“We have been doing our best, whatever we can do from our side with the help of local electricians to solve the problem,” Mr Dewan said. According to him, they have also informed their seniors of the matter at hand

“We may need a huge amount of money to replace all the old wires with new ones in the entire post office building, which is beyond our capacity,” Mr Dewan added.