Authorities of the Kaliyaganj municipality in North Dinajpur district have started a major campaign among residents against the misuse of water. Civic body staff are visiting the wards and beating drums as they caution residents not to waste precious water.

They have also started making announcements to this effect on loudspeakers in all the 17 wards. On the other hand, the municipality authorities have initiated a move to place stoppers on water taps in the municipality area to stop water from going to waste.

“The state government is worried about the gradual decrease in the underground water level in the state. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also called for a rally in Kolkata on 12 July to make people aware of the same. As such, we have also started a big campaign against wastage of water in our area here,” sources at the municipality office said.

According to the sources, water was being wasted from PHE taps in all the 17 wards of Kaliyaganj municipality for hours as there are no stoppers on the taps or they have been broken.

“Water wastage is a regular phenomenon here. Recently, municipality officials surveyed the places and decided to set up corks on the taps,” the sources added.

“We have started loudspeaker announcements in all the 17 wards, urging the residents not to waste water. They are being advised to use a pail of water for multiple purposes as far as possible. We will put up flex boards that display the outcome of water wastage. In some wards, we are making people aware of the facts and drawing their attention to the issue by beating drums. There are no water stoppers on the roadside PHE taps in the Kaliyaganj municipality areas. They were either stolen or broken at most of the places. We have already started replacing the old stoppers with new ones on the taps to reduce the wastage of water,” the Chairman of the Municipality, Kartick Chandra Paul, said.