South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) standing committee chairman Bhupender Gupta has stressed the need to notifying 351 roads in Delhi as commercial, mixed land use and pedestrian streets.

He addressed separate letters to L-G Anil Baijal and CM Arvind Kejriwal for the issuance of notification, claimng it would provide substantial relief to traders and general public.

Gupta in his letters stated, ” the issue has been under consideration in Delhi government right from February 2017.

The MCDs passed a resolution for requesting city government to issue notification of 351 roads as commercial, mixed land use and pedestrian streets.”

Gupta claimed he enclosed copies of correspondence on the issue from May 2017 for perusal by the L-G and the Chief MInister so that the issue could be considered for an early decision.

He appealed to the CM to get a notification issued for the roads. Gupta also requested the L-G to make use of his offices for the issuance of notification.

Gupta on Thursday claimed, “The traders have been facing a lot of difficulties due to lack of notification in respect of these roads. Furthermore, the ongoing sealing is making their difficulties more complex.

eeping in view all this it is becoming essential to issue notification in respect of 351 roads. This will go a long way in allaying the fear among traders. This will also facilitate hike in the revenue of MCDs because of collection of conversion charge.”

He felt that the step would help in the development of Delhi and increase trade activities.