The BJP leaders in Uttarakhand are presently busy arguing over the format of goat ‘Swayamvar.’ The issue is hot with everyday some leader added fuel to fire. The whole process began with state tourism minister Satpal Maharaj asserting that hosting goat marriage is fine but ‘Vedic Manta’ should not be recited in the ceremony.

The Green People, a NGO based in Tehri, began hosting goat ‘Swayamvar’ from last year. The Uttarakhand Sheep & Wool Development Board provided support in the unique event- aimed at improving goat breed. The 2017 edition witnessed normal marriage ritual took place, including ‘Jai Mala,’ ‘Saath Fera’ and ‘Bidai’ ceremonies taking place in the high drama goat marriage at village Pantwari in district Tehri.

The small village, about 85 km from Dehradun, attracted big media attention due to the unusual event. This year the goat marriage is slated for 23-24 February.

Claiming that in ‘Sanatan Dharam’ there is a special place and time for reciting ‘Mantras, Uttarakhand tourism minister objected the use of Mantra in goat marriage and also terming it ‘Swayamvar.’ The issue became hot with state forest minister Harak Singh Rawat also supporting the tourism minister’s stand.