Robotic cryosurgery has been effective in treatment of cancer in which patients do not face major risks of operation or surgical procedures, said oncologists from Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China, on Saturday in the Capital. The surgeons said that they treated about 7,000 patients in last one year using that technology in China.

Interacting with the press, Dr Qian Wei, senior medical oncologist said, robotic cryosurgery was an unique invention to treat cancer. The procedure did not require chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any open body surgery.

Dr Wei said cryosurgery was based on a mechanism which was completely stitchless and there was no need to dissect or remove any part or any organ of the body.

“This therapy is based on American space cooling technology in which the temperature of cancerous lesion is changed at regular intervals in one operation. Eventually, it becomes an ice ball and helps in destroying cancer cells. The cancerous lesion is cooled down to -160 degree Celcius and thus destroyed,” said Dr Wei.

According to the hospital officials, last year close to 290 Indian patients underwent robotic cryosurgery at its facility in China. “While there is not much difference in cost of treatment, the best part is that it does not have any major side-effects or complication,” said Dr Anup Aboti, medical oncologist at Fuda.

He further said the patient could walk, eat, perform day-to-day activities right after the operation and as there were no stitches, there was minimum or no risk of internal bleeding.

This treatment is available at some hospitals in USA and at Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China. “The maximum number of patients who cannot be operated or whose cancer has re-occurred or whose chemo and radiation response is negative, for such patients this type of robotic cryosurgery can be a new lifeline,” added Dr Aboti.