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Recent Meerut incidents affect police image

Statesman News Service | Meerut |

The insensitivity of the cops in the region in the recent incidents have badly hampered the image of the police department. In some recent incidents many innocent people have lost their lives due to the apathy and insensitive attitude of the cops.

Police department have never been able to earn the trust of the people . However with many recent encounters with the criminals it was believed that the law and order situation would improve and crime controlled during the rule of CM Yogi Adityanath. But as many as four recent incidents reported in past one month have portrayed the insensitive side of the fearless cops .

The most recent incident was that of the double murder of the son (Balancer)and mother(Nachhittar) who were shot dead in a village of Partapur thana area on January 24th. The duo were to appear in the court for the testimony in the murder case of woman’s husband on Thursday before which they were eliminated. Balwinder had repeatedly visited Partapur police for security as he has been getting threats to life but the cops gave a deaf ear.

Crossing all the limits of insensitivity in Saharanpur the cops in the patrol 100 car refused to carry two seriously injured youths to the hospital as the car would get spoiled from the blood . The youths who were injured in the road accident died in the absence of prompt medical aid.Those who had rescued them requested the cops to save the lives of these teenagers but they refused for the same . finally people took them to thw hospital in an auto rickshaw where they passed away perhaps due to the delay in treatment.

Another incident was reported in Panchgaon village of Bhawanpur area where a teenage girl self immolated after stalking by a groups of boys who also threatened her to rape. The girl who got 80% burns later lost the battle of life but before death she revealed names of those boys whose bid forced her to take such a drastic step. Surprisingly a day after her death police tried to twist the case raising question on her character. In her Press conference SSP Manzil Saini claimed that the girl was known to one of the accused and the incident had nothing to do with stalking. This version of the police left everyone stunned including BJP MP Rajendra Aggarwal who said that he was not convinced with the police theory.

In a similar incident, a teenage girl made a futile attempt to immolate herself inside the premises the SSP office in Meerut.

The girl and his family blamed cops for not initiating any action against the eveteasers even though she had lodged a case in Daurala police station seven months ago. The fearless eveteasers were now pressuring her to withdraw the case or be ready to face dire consequences.

Though action were taken against the errant cops in all these cases by the Senior officials but enough damage had already been done.