The Punjab tableau at the Republic Day parade on Friday will propagate the concept of ‘Sangat (people sitting together transcending caste, creed, race) and Pangat (a row where the Sangat partakes langar).

This concept assumes more significance in the modern era which is marred by internecine conflicts as the whole human race is depicted as ‘one’. Disclosing this on Thursday, an official spokesperson said the tableau of the state government would be depicting the oneness of humanity perfectly in consonance with the teachings of great gurus.

The spokesperson said that the front portion (tractor) of the tableau would exhibit the way in which the free community kitchen or ‘langar’ is prepared with utmost devotion and the back portion will show the Sangat partaking langar.

One of the cornerstones of the Sikh religion, the concept of ‘Sangat’ and ‘Pangat’ has been acting as the guiding light illuminating the path of humanity since the 15th century, added the spokesperson.