Stating that people nowadays should be more tolerant and there is no place of intolerance, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said it is the fundamental right of a person to choose his religion.

"It is absolutely their freedom of choice what religion they will follow, what they will eat and what they will wear. Nobody has the power to interfere into the fundamental rights and the religious rights of any person. The country's Constitution has not given them the freedom to do so. Our Constitution is our armour," Banerjee said while speaking at the centenary celebrations of Bharat Sevashram Sangha at the Netaji Indoor Stadium.

"In the present times we have to be more tolerant.

There is no place for intolerance. There is no place for vandalism. If you are loving a religion, you have to respect it," she said.

Banerjee said bad people practice vandalism and initiate politics even with idols of Gods and Goddesses.

"Nobody from any specific religion initiates vandalism… I do not believe this… Only a few bad people initiate vandalism. You must worship idols of Goddesses keeping them at home or in temples and must not initiate vandalism throwing them on the streets," she said.

She went on to stress that law was equal for everybody and there cannot be any discrimination.

"Laws cannot be discriminated… Laws are laws. All are equal," Banerjee said.