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Mothers’ Day Special : A mother turns entrepreneur to be with her son

Surbhi Varma | Chandigarh |

Back till 2012, a kindergarten teacher, Harkiran Singha, used to take leave from the school as her 12-year-old son was a budding golf player and used to play in national level tournaments on regular basis.

But as frequent leaves were affecting her duties as a teacher and accompanying her son, Karan, was also a must, Singha's husband, who is a real estate agent, suggested her to do something on her own so that such leaves were not a problem.

"My husband told me one day that if I wish to spend more time with my son, then I have to work on my own, not under someone. This way it will be easy for me to make flexible plans as per my son's requirement, "said Singha, 42, with a broad smile.

In 2012, Singha therefore made a career switch and turned entrepreneur by opening Polish and Nail Spa in Sector- 8, Chandigarh after taking training in Delhi for over two months.

Starting with a team of five staffers, Singha has since then been climbing the stairs of success. At present, Singha is providing affordable luxury to the trend-conscious people of the city with a team of 40 trained staff members, both manicurists and pedicurists.

She now owns two salons — one in Chandigarh and the other one in Ludhiana. She also opened two new training centers recently for the people who are keen into this profession.

"As an entrepreneur, who launched a company after spending almost a decade at home raising a child, I am well aware of the benefits and barriers of choosing the route of entrepreneurship as a mother, " Singha said.

Her son, Karan, now 17, is a national level golf player who finds his mother around during tournaments as well as leisure time. "Before starting up my own business, I used to travel with him but it was a problem for her at work. But now it's easy because I am my own boss and didn't have take anyone's permission before making my travel plans," Singha said. Recently the mother-son duo went on to trek for five days. "Just like my mother, for my son I am his 3 a.m. friend who is available for him 24X7. I want my son to be absolutely fearless and we both like spending time together," she said.