Deputy leader of Congress in Rajya Sabha and former Union Minister from Himachal Pradesh, Anand Sharma on Friday said that PM Modi on completion of four years of NDA government should apologise for making false promises and betraying public.

“After independence, Modi regime has been most painful for the country and its people because of the wrong decisions of the government, mainly demonetisation and GST,” alleged Sharma.

Talking to media persons, Sharma accused the PM Modi-led government of monumental mismanagement of the banking system and weakening and dismantling the important institutions like CBI, ED, ECI and RBI.

“The credibility of Reserve Bank of India has dropped after demonetisation as the bank did not put forth right perspective before the government and implemented the decision within few hours,” he said.

Sharma said the PM Modi government would celebrate four years of rule with massive propaganda, spending crores of rupees again to misguide people. The government should instead repent on this day,” he said.

The Congress leader said demonetisation, according to PM Modi government, was done to end corruption, black money and to check funding for terrorism.  The results were opposite. The corruption has increased. The entire nation stood in lines outside the ATMs and bore much trouble for two months.

As many as 143 persons lost their lives due to this. But the Modi government has never felt sorry for this and it keeps justifying the decision,” he said.

Sharma said the PM Modi government had promised to give two crore jobs every year, but the reality is that people have lost jobs post demonetisation.

“The industry has suffered setback and the labour force in many industries has lost jobs, and have returned to villages. What kind of development the Modi government is talking about. It is not time to celebrate, it is a painful moment rather?” he asked.

He said hasty implementation of GST was another wrong step of the government and it has been amended 40 times since last year.

The Congress leader said the investment rate in the country is on historic low in six decades.

“It has fallen from 34 per cent to 27 per cent in Modi rule,” he said. He said the household savings of the people continue to fall and has touched the 15 year low figure.

The Congress leader alleged that the Pakistan policy of Modi government is a disaster and held that PM owes an explanation on his step to land in Lahore on 25 December, 2016.

“It was an insult to the entire nation that he landed there without guard of honour,” he said. Sharma accused PM Modi of distorting history just for misleading public in poll time.