Chief minister Mamata Banerjee does not want candidates from the Opposition parties to file nomination for the panchayat poll, BJP leader Mukul Roy said today.

After handing the party flags to around 250 Trinamul Congress workers, who joined the state BJP today, Mr Roy said that Trinamul Congress wants to form panchayat sans Opposition, hence chief minister Miss Banejee instructed party leaders to ensure that no other political party candidate filed nomination for this panchayat poll.

However, he said if proper poll is allowed to be held, then people’s actual mandate will be reflected in the three-tier panchayat poll.

Yesterday, Mr Roy became the convener of the saffron brigade from the state. He also said that the state government will actually conduct the poll in disguise, so it is a very tough challenge for the BJP to combat with both administration and TMC to ensure free and fair election.

The state BJP did not get any panchayat samity, zila parishad in 2013 panchayat poll, however, it got only 31 panchayats.

BJP leaders expressed their hope that the party will ensure a good result in this poll. The Central party leaders want that