Senior Trinamool Congress leader and MP Mukul Roy on Sunday said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee is eager to bring back the glory of Kalyani Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Nadia district, one of the oldest heart hospitals in the country.
Setting of pace makers and open heart surgeries would be initiated in near future at the hospital which is one of the oldest heart hospitals in the country and holds a glorious past, Roy said after attending a patients welfare committee of the said medical facility and J N Memorial Hospital here.
Regarding the pace maker and fake medicine rackets, Roy said “If such allegations are found to be true against any physician, his registration would be cancelled.”
Informing all enroachers of JNM Hospital quarters will be driven out soon, Roy ordered the hospital superintendent to vacate the unauthorized persons from the said hospital quarters.
The statment came in the backdrop of a raid at a quarter of JNM Hospital a few days back by Kalyani administration in cooperation with police when expired medicines worth lakhs of rupees were recovered.
Opposition parties alleged the son of the local TMC Councillor Amar Roy was living in the quarter allegedly without authorization but TMC said opposition was unnecessarily dragging the party’s name.
Roy, however, did not name anyone.
He further assured to look into the overall development of both the hospitals in Kalyani.