A clinic being run by an alleged fake doctor was busted by locals at No-3 Government Colony under the English Bazaar police station this morning.

The locals became suspicious after the doctor there misbehaved with a couple from Chandmuni village under the Pukhuria police station.

It is alleged that the so called doctor misbehaved with the woman who came for treatment. Following the incident, local people, including Ward councillor Shipra Roy, rushed to the spot, while the ‘doctor’ and his associates apparently fled from the clinic.

Ms Roy has filed a complaint with the police on behalf of the couple. Police said they have started investigations. According to sources, Saiful Islam and his wife had been under treatment of the ‘fake doctor’ G Paul for the past few months.

“This morning, a fight started between the patient party and the attendants there over excess billing for the treatment,” the sources said. It is also alleged that Mr Islam was physically assaulted by the attendants and the woman was going to be treated in the same manner, when the locals sprang into action after hearing her cry for help.

“There was no doctor there, and they have been running a fake clinic and diagnostic centre, as I found this morning after the incident. The landlord was immediately asked about the matter and a complaint was lodged with the police,” Ms Roy said. Police said they have started investigations and are doing the needful in the matter.