In a surprise move the Uttar Pradesh government has reduced the budget of Meerut Medical College by Rs 4.75 crores which is approximately 29% of the total budget of the college that was allotted in the last financial year. This has put the medical college administration in a fix as the influx of patients coming for treatment to the medical College is increasing while its budget has been cut.

Doctors and staff of Meerut Medical College has provided treatment to 2.5 lakh more patients in 2017-18 during which it was allocated budget of Rs 15 crore but instead of increasing the budget the government has decreased the budget this year by Rs 4.75 crore. This budget is allotted to the medical college for purchase of medicine, oxygen, Nitrous gases and chemicals for testing in the pathology labs. The medical college is supposed to provide medicines to the patients and treatment to critically ill patients in Intensive Care Unit for which the budget is provided by the state government.

In 2017-18 a total amount of Rs 15 crore was received by the Medical college and with the increasing number of patients attended by the doctors and staff here the possibility of increase was there but instead the budget has been reduced considerably. However the Medical college administration, considering they would get a similar budget for 2018-19, purchased oxygen etc according to the previous budget, but on getting just Rs 10.25 crore budget, they are finding themselves in a fix as the payments for the purchases had been done

In 2017-18, out of Rs 15 crore, Rs 1.2 crore was allotted for oxygen and Nitrus gases which are majorly used for treatment of ICU patients and in operation theatres. A budget of Rs 4 crore was allotted for purchase of chemicals used in pathology labs. While Rs 10 crore were used for purchasing medicines, which are provided to the patients coming for treatment. Principal of Medical College Dr. R C Gupta said that he is not aware of the reason behind cutting the budget for the financial year 2018-19. “We are trying out best to convince the senior officials of the department in Lucknow to release the same budget that was allotted in 2017-18 in order to ensure smooth functioning of the medical and uninterrupted supply of medicines to patients and chemicals needed for testing in pathology labs.”

Dr. Gupta said the matter was reported to the senior officials describing that the college has spent the money considering that the same budget would be released this year as well inspite of a hike in OPD by 2.5 lakh patients.

Sources claim that when the medical collge administration reported the matter to senior officials in the state’s health ministry, their explanation had been sought as to why they had spent more than the allocated budget.

The officials are finding no way out and there are bleak hopes that the budget issue would be resolved. This is sure to adversely affect the health services in the Medical college. A large number of patients from different parts of the region come here for treatment and free medicines.

In 2017-18, as many as 6,87,561 patients were treated in OPD of which 28,832 were admitted while major and minor surgeries were performed on 17,989 patients. In 2018-19 the figure of patients in OPD increased to 9,50,424 out of which 33,289 patients were admitted and over 20,000 major and minor surgeries were performed.

The administration claims that the data of patients coming in for treatment has been showing an upward trend since past few years. If this continues, it is going to be very tough for them to provide treatment to the patients, they said.