With the transport department is planning to introduce Kolkata tram services to new areas of the city, the residents of New Town and Rajarhat will soon be able to use the iconic transport system.

Transport Minister Suvendu Adhikari recently said tram services were planned to be introduced in the townships of Nabadiganta and New Town since there was no dearth of space in these areas, unlike the central parts of the city. “It is not possible to run trams in congested areas but it is possible in areas like Rajarhat and New Town, as the required space for trams is available here,” said Adhikary.

At present, there are 85 trams operating in Kolkata. Several routes have been discontinued in the recent past by the authorities.

The transport minister, however, assured that there would be no disruption in continuity of the facility as it is a heritage. Well-appointed trams have been quite an attraction for the people of the city, especially among the foreigners and filmmakers.

Elucidating on the demand for the trams that are mainly meant for recreational purposes, Mr Adhikari said, “Airconditioned trams operatingon weekends are an attraction for many people who take a ride through the city. Moreover, there were also arrangements for ‘Puja Parikrama’ in traditional air-conditioned trams. People visited Puja pandals mainly in North Kolkata in the trams. The service was available on the days of Saptami and Navami.”

Meanwhile, a senior official from New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) said, “We certainly welcome the move, if taken by the transport department. We will definitely work with the department to make it a success.”

The NKDA authorities also have plans to introduce monorails in the area. However, the project requires funds and the NKDA is yet to find investors.