Every dog, as is said, has its day and the pet dogs of New Town are now enjoying theirs, after the state Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (HIDCO) set up a pet park in the township dedicated to pets.

The park, spread over an area of 400m is first of its kind and has been set up on the request of the local residents of the area. Given the traffic in the sprawling township, the residents were apprehensive while taking their pets out for walks.

They approached the HIDCO officials for setting up a park for pets in or around the area. The HIDCO authorities, according to sources, considering the apprehensions expressed by the residents, gave a nod to the idea and set up a pets’ park adjacent to a housing complex in Action Area III.

While the development of the park has been handled by HIDCO, the maintenance is to be done by the local residents. Notably, New Town also has the first-ever state-run crèche and clinic along with a cemetery for pet dogs that was inaugurated on 1 February.

An initiative of HIDCO authorities, the crèche with 10 slots was a boon for the residents of the township who welcomed the move. The New Town Kolkata Development Authority, in addition, is also considering plans to set up a cemetery which is expected to bring relief for pet owners who usually have a tough time finding a proper place for the burial of their loved animals.

It will have space for 25 dogs and the fees for burial of one would rupees 2500. A death certificate by a recognised vet will be required for the burial.

Also, a dog pound will be constructed slightly away from the crèche. Stray dogs will be sterilised at the pound.