The members of private buses, yellow and luxury taxis, online app cabs today protested against the hike in fuel prices by central government during the budget tabled last week. The members of the private bus syndicate, taxi associations and online app cab guild even threatened to intensify their protests if their fares were not increased soon. The members of the Joint Forum of Transport Operators, including seven associations of different transport unions, even submitted a deputation to the state transport minister, Mr Suvendu Adhikari.

While the unions of private and mini buses along with yellow taxis demanded a 25 per cent hike in their fares that was increased in the 2017 for the last time, members of luxury taxi union have demanded their fares to be increased to Rs 1,200 from Rs 465 per day.

“The last time there was a hike in taxi fares was in the year 2012,” said Bimal Guha, general secretary of Bengal Taxi Association. “Whereas the fuel prices increase every year. It was already very difficult for us to run our business but after the hike in fuel prices it has become impossible,” he added.

The members of the Bengal Taxi Association have given a deadline of 10 days from today for fulfilment of their demands. Similarly, members of private bus syndicate said, “Given our expenses in insurance, taxes, permit, maintenance, fuel and lubricants, it has become extremely problematic for us to continue with our services. We have requested for an immediate action by the state authorities on the subject.”

The private buses which are one of the major carriers of commuters in the city, have demanded for a minimum fare of rupees nine.