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Kolkata Police arrests man for flashing two women in bus

The shocking incident in Kolkata comes days after an Uber cab driver was found masturbating before a woman passenger in Mumbai.

SNS | New Delhi |

The Kolkata Police on Saturday arrested a man who was filmed masturbating while ogling two women inside a bus in the metropolitan city. The man, identified as Asit Roy, was arrested in the evening within hours after a Facebook post containing a video of him involved in the objectionable act went viral.

The video was taken by the woman who was the subject of Roy’s atrocious behaviour. She uploaded the video along with her version of the incident on Facebook while tagging the official page of the Kolkata Police.

In her post, the woman alleged that the man was a repeat offender and had carried out a similar act a few days ago in the bus.

The woman, who was travelling with a friend, also lamented that no one in the bus came to their aid.

“We saw this man making indecent gestures while staring at us. While there were others in the bus, no one protested,” her post reads.

She wrote that even though she complained to the conductor of the bus, he laughed it off.

“When I complained to the bus conductor, he laughed and said, ‘what can I do, you tell me, who knows what is on his mind’. I shouted loudly, ‘catch him, he is misbehaving with me’. But no one protested, no one said a word,” the woman reportedly wrote.

As the post went viral, the Kolkata Police immediately sprung into action. The cops scanned the entire stretch along the route of the bus, whose number had been mentioned by the woman in her post. They nabbed Roy from Shyampukur locality.

The police notified of Roy’s arrest on Facebook. They said that the accused is a hawker by profession and is a resident of Baidyabati.


Kolkata Police Man
(Photo: Facebook/@kolkatapoliceforce)


The Kolkata Police post went viral, too. At the time of writing, the post had 57K likes and 23,446 shares. Hundreds commented on the post praising the efficacy of the police department in nabbing the accused.

The Police said that it took cognisance of the video and registered a case. The post by the Kolkata Police does not, however, mention what Roy has been charged with, though it ends with an assurance to the people – “He will be punished. Have faith.”

The shocking incident in Kolkata comes days after an Uber cab driver was found masturbating before a woman passenger in Mumbai.

According to the woman, as she sat in the cab, the driver suddenly exposed himself and started masturbating in full public view while the vehicle had halted at a traffic signal. A police complaint was registered in the case.

In February, a student of Delhi University an FIR at Vasant Vihar Police Station in the city alleging that a man masturbated and tried to molest her in a moving bus. She, too, had recorded the incident on camera.