The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) advertisement department will soon introduce solar energy to illuminate the LED boards in the city in a bid to reduce pollution incurred by fossil fuel based energy. The civic body advertisement department has kept a target of Rs 33.76 crore for the financial year 2018-19.

The civic body parks and squares, advertisement department, had long started using solar energy in order to switch to a cleaner form of energy.The department had taken several initiatives for the purpose which includes installation of solar panels in several parks in the city.

The member mayor-in-council (MMIC), Debashish Kumar, of the parks and squares, advertisement department mentioned that switching over to solar energy has also contributed towards reduction in the electricity bill.

“Prior to installation of the solar panels, the electricity bill generated used to be around Rs 50,000 but post installation it came down to Rs 7000-10000. It is almost 70-75 percent reduction,” said Mr Kumar.

Talking about the initiative of using solar power to illuminate LED boards in the city, the MMIC said, “We are trying to illuminate the LED board in an effort to reduce pollution incurred by fossil fuel based energy. A tender for the construction and display of advertisement on LED monopoles with the use of solar energy will be floated shortly.”

Mr Kumar added the department is also taking steps to gradually convert all existing street hoardings into monopole street hoardings within the coming few years. He pointed out that the implementation of LED monopoles will consume lesser space than the double ones which used to occupy large spaces for one advertisement.

The concerned KMC department jointly working with the engineering and drainage departments displayed real time weather updates through the LED monopoles during the monsoon season last year and plans to do the same in this year too, claimed a KMC official.