The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is soon to crack down on multi-speciality gyms in the city after it came to light that gym instructors are prescribing fat reduction medicines to the gym goers.

A boy, on Friday, has reportedly been admitted in one of the private hospitals in the city in critical condition after consumption of such prescribed medicines.

The civic body’s decision comes after it came to light that gym instructors, who are meant to supervise physical fitness in people, are also indulging in prescribing medicines for fat reduction or diet control, Mr Atin Ghosh, member mayor-in-council (MMIC), Health, said.

Addressing a Press Conference prior to World Health Day tomorrow, Mr Ghosh, on Friday, speaking on the issue, said,“ We have received information that some gym instructors in the city are prescribing medicines for fat reduction or diet control to the gym goers, which they are not supposed to do. No gym instructor, other than a medical practitioner, can prescribe medicines.

We have come to know that a boy, on Friday, has been admitted in a private hospital in the city in critical conditions after consuming such prescribed medicines by a gym instructor.”

“We will receive further details of this case on Friday and thereafter we will raise the issue with mayor Sovan Chatterjee, and with the state health department. In the present times, gyms are mushrooming in almost all areas in the city. Many of them have tieups with medical representatives of different medicine companies and hence gym goers are being prescribed different ayurvedic or other types of medicines for fat reduction. A good amount of commission is also involved in such tie-ups with the medicine dealers. This is precisely why I have stopped the entry of medical representatives to KMC health centre to stop malpractices in medicine dealings” said Mr Ghosh.

Talking on what action will be taken against such offenders; Mr Ghosh said “We will start inspection drives in all the gyms in the city. If we find any gym instructor prescribing medicines, we will showcause the gym and can also cancel their trade license. The state health department will be consulted in this matter.”

The KMC on account of World Health Day tomorrow will conduct free medical tests in its 144 wards. The civic body will conduct tests for blood, bilirubin or liver functioning test, lipid profile and several others.