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Kejriwal slammed for ‘running away’ from Punjab, once again

Statesman News Service | Chandigarh |

Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday ridiculed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal for running away from his flop rallies and the ongoing protests by resentful party workers, on the pretext of some urgent work in New Delhi.
“Having failed to stand by the people of the state on the critical issue of SYL, Kejriwal was now rubbing salt on their wounds by deciding to leave in the middle of his scheduled rallies,” Amarinder said.
Although some media reports suggested that Kejriwal had to go to New Delhi to attend the defamation case against him, the fact that the next date of hearing in the case was yet to be announced clearly indicated that it was a mere excuse for the ‘Bhagoda’ AAP leader to get away, the Punjab Congress president said.
“What urgent work has suddenly drawn Bhagoda Kejriwal away from Punjab, in the middle of a scheduled and pre-planned programme?” Amarinder asked, demanding that the people of Punjab had the right to know, especially since the AAP leader was in the habit of leaving them in the lurch every now and then.
Even if it was the defamation case that had forced Kejriwal to leave Punjab at the peak of his election campaign, it was clear that the SC orders refusing to stay the matter had come as a god-send for the AAP leader, Amarinder said.