Kejriwal gives Delhi markets a mantra for global recognition

Kejriwal gives Delhi markets a mantra for global recognition

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

The AAP Government in Delhi will give international recognition to Delhi’s markets. For this purpose, a virtual market called ‘Delhi Bazaar’ is being created, which will bring together all the shops in the national capital.

The city government will promote the ‘Delhi Bazaar’ portal, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to visit the portal, virtually explore Delhi’s markets, and purchase their preferred products.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal shared this information while attending the ‘Chandni Chowk Shopping Festival’ held in Rangpuri on Sunday as chief guest.


“Our government is pro-business and pro-industry. We have made numerous efforts to eliminate red tape and promote business growth. Our plan is to beautify other markets in Delhi, similar to Chandni Chowk, so that more people visit them and business flourishes. If the government system is simplified, and opportunities are provided to businessmen and entrepreneurs, undoubtedly, we (India) can surpass China,” Kejriwal said.

Chandni Chowk traders and the Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI) had jointly organised the event. It featured various shops, including clothing and food stalls. The Chief Minister visited each shop, interacted with the shopkeepers, and encouraged them.

“This is a great initiative, and in future, we can organise such festivals in different parts of Delhi. We can organise such events market-wise and sector-wise so that buyers and sellers can interact with each other,” the chief minister said.

He further said there were three programmes lined up for the coming days. They are:

The first, in the style of ‘Dubai Shopping Festival. He said,

“We are planning ‘Delhi Shopping Festival’ on a massive scale. The planning and implementation of this mega event is taking some time, we couldn’t meet a few deadlines. Since it will be the first event, we are planning on a grand scale so that it can leave its imprint on the minds of attendees. This event would be for 7-10 days so that people across the world should visit Delhi and shop throughout Delhi. During the entire festival, Delhi will be in a celebration mode.

The second is the beautification of markets on the lines of Chandni Chowk.

He said, “Ever since we have beautified the Chandni Chowk Market, footfall of the people has risen leading to an increase in business significantly. In the same fashion, the Delhi government has plans to beautify many more markets gradually. If the market becomes beautiful, the trade rises. People often go window shopping, and when they go to these markets they’ll purchase something eventually.”

The third is creation of virtual bazaar.

“Delhi government,” he said “was creating a virtual bazaar, ‘Delhi Bazaar,’ of which all the shops of Delhi will be a part so that someone sitting in New York could see everything virtually, and order from shops of Chandni Chowk. All the shops in Delhi would be able to sell their articles on the national level and internationally.”

Kejriwal said many companies have already put up their items on their website but not every shopkeeper has this facility to create their website and then advertise it. But if the ‘Delhi Bazaar’ comes to market the Delhi government will advertise it globally.

The website will enlist products and shops so that the buyer can easily see them. They will eventually multiply the businesses. This kind of experiment has not been done anywhere in the world as of now, which brings all the shops and items on the same portal. This is taking some time but once it’s ready, the people of Delhi will be proud of it, he added.