A badly injured snow leopard rescued on Monday near Leh showed some signs of recovery on Tuesday, but the wildlife authorities were in a “wait and watch” mode.

The animal belonging to the endangered species was found lying in a field in the Liktse village near Leh.

Leh based wildlife officer Pankaj Raina was hopeful that the snow leopard might recover in a couple of days.

The mountain cat with spinal injury was not in a position to stand when it was rescued yesterday and put on liquid diet.

However, it stood for some time on Tuesday and also ate some pieces of boiled meat given by veterinary doctors. They said that the snow leopard appeared to have been hungry for the past few days as a result of which it had grown weak.

The Snow leopard is among the highly endangered species of mountain cat.

The snow leopard is being treated in the veterinary centre at Skara, where it was brought after being tranqualised.

The Snow leopard is generally sighted in mountainous areas of J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and various states of North-East.

Raina suspected that the snow leopard might have fallen down from a height and injured its backbone while chasing some prey and got injured.

He said that three snow leopards rescued in Ladakh during the past few days were released after medication. Two of these animals were rescued from a residential house where these had entered.